Nordisk Kollegium

Nordisk Kollegium is a traditional college, founded in 1942 by H.O. Lange. The beautiful building which houses the college was designed by the architect Hans Jørgen Kampmann. The College is located in Copenhagen in the area of Østerbro and houses 130 alumni from many different universities.The college is committed to creating both an academic environment as a social environment including participation and involvement in daily activities, along with sporting, cultural and festive events. Nordisk Kollegium is one of the few remaining Danish residence halls with a common meal program. Our kitchen staff provides breakfast with lunch buffet in the dining hall at 7-9 am on weekdays and 9-11 am on weekends and holidays.
Dinner is served at 6 pm to 7 pm daily. Dinner consists of everything from traditional Danish food to foreign specialties. We serve fruit for dessert every day, except on Sundays when the menu is something special. The kitchen is closed one month during the summer holidays, during christmas and new years day. Here there is always the opportunity to cook at the respective kitchens at each hall. For summer closure the rent is reduced by 1,100 kr As a part of the meal program, all alumni is obligated 10 times a year to help with the dishes and serving. This occurs only in the evenings and on Saturday and Sunday morning. The shifts are around 3 hours long.