Nordisk Kollegium

The application process goes as follows:
Nordisk Kollegium welcomes students who have studied a minimum of one year, fx. from the University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Roskilde University (RUC), the Royal Danish Academy of Music, The Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen Business School, Danish Design, The IT University, and students from export the engineering school. Students who study at similar institutions in other countries are also eligible to apply.

To be considered for admission to Nordisk Kollegium, one must have passed one year of study - equal to 60 ECTS - at an institution higher education. Furthermore, applicants must have at least one year left of their studies in Copenhagen, or cities nearby, at the time they move in.

Rent in 2023: DKK 5.054 a month January-June and September-December. DKK 4,410 in July and August. The rent for Ph.D.-students is DKK 7,054 and DKK 6,410, respectively. Deposit: DKK 8,000. Payment for breakfast and dinner is included in the rent.

Interested applicants may obtain further information on Nordisk Kollegium by contacting the office or by attending one of the monthly tours. It is also possible to contact the two alumni representatives. You can send them an email here. The alumni representatives will be happy to answer any questions regarding daily life at Nordisk Kollegium or the application process.

Nordisk Kollegium is open for admission four times a year: 1st of February, 1st of May, 1st of August and 1st of November.

Tours in 2024 are generally at 18:30 on the third monday of the month with the exception of July. You can see the specific dates on the right hand side of the danish website.

All tours last approx. 2 hours

CLICK HERE TO JOIN A TOUR by emailing the office at Nordisk Kollegium

1. Preparation
Before starting, please make sure that you have read about the application process and rules, as they are described on the website.

2. Fill in the application form and attach the necessary documentation in PDF format
When you have made sure that you meet the requirements for applying, you proceed to the electronic application form. The form must be filled in with some basic information about you, your current accommodation, and your education.

You will also be required to upload and attach the following documents in PDF format.

Written motivation:
Your motivation should be no longer than one A4 page. It should include a short personal description, your reason(s) for wanting to live at Nordisk Kollegium as well as your thoughts on how you'll be able to contribute to the life at Nordisk Kollegium.

High school diploma:
A copy of your high school (or equivalent) diploma must be enclosed.

Enrollment Certification:
Proof of active or upcoming enrolment at an approved university must be enclosed.
Furthermore, you will also be required to upload and attach a photo of yourself.
When you have filled in the application form, you must submit it. When your application is submitted, you can no longer edit it.

Electronic application form:

3. Await confirmation of receipt from the Administration (usually within a few working days)
Within a few working days the administration will screen your application to make sure that it complies with the application rules. You will receive a confirmation notification via email.

4. Await evaluation by the Admissions Committee (usually within a month)
If your application is valid, it will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. When you application has been evaluated you will receive an email saying whether you have been accepted.