Nordisk Kollegium

Nordisk Kollegium welcomes students who have studied a minimum of one year, fx. from the University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Roskilde University (RUC), the Royal Danish Academy of Music, The Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen Business School, Danish Design, The IT University and students from export the engineering school. Students who studies at similar institutions in other contries are also eligible to apply.

In order to be considered for admission to Nordisk Kollegium, one must have passed one year of study - equal to 60 ECTS - at an institution higher education. Furthermore, applicants must have at least one year left of their studies in Copenhagen, or cities nearby, at the time they move in.

Rent in 2023: DKK 5.054 a month January-June and September-December. DKK 4,410 in July and August. The rent for ph.d.-students is DKK 7,054 and DKK 6,410, respectively. Deposit: DKK 8,000. Payment for breakfast and dinner is included in the rent.

Interested applicants may obtain further information on Nordisk Kollegium by contacting the office or by attending one of the monthly tours.
It is also possible to contact the two alumni representatives Camilla and Tyra. You can email them here. The alumni representatives will be happy to answer any questions regarding daily life at Nordisk Kollegium or the application process. The application must be printed and put in the mailbox at the office, if not possible, it can also be sent to

Nordisk Kollegium is open for admission four times a year: 6th of January, 11th of April, 6th of July and 6th of October.

Tours in 2023 at 6.30 pm:

Monday, January 2nd
Monday, February 6th
Monday, March 6th
Monday, April 3rd
Monday, May 1st
Tuesday, June 5th
Monday, June 19th
July no tours
August no tours
Monday, September 4th
Monday, October 2nd
Monday, November 6th
Monday, December 4th

There are no tours in July and August.

All tours last approx. 2 hours

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO A TOUR by emailing the office at Nordisk Kollegium.

Interested applicants must complete an application form. Alongside the application form, all applicants must write a motivated application (maximum one page), explaining why one has chosen to apply to Nordisk Kollegium. Please attach a photo to the application. The application can be sent by mail or delivered in person at the office. Only after special agreement is it possible to send in the application electronically.